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Praise for Church FutureFinder


“Through the CFF process we discovered that we don’t “fit” culturally with the area. Our community has a large immigrant refugee population, and now white flight and Hispanic flight has been happening for ten years and the congregation is still living 20 years in the past.  This has illustrated some of the challenges we face.”

“We gained great insights into the difference between how we viewed our missional outreach in the community and how our congregation is actually viewed by the people in our neighborhood. Although we thought we were well known, we were forced to re-examine our methods of outreach.”

“My interviews with people helped me name and understand currents moving below the surface in the congregation.  They gave me tremendous insight into the present situation of the congregation.”

“Through the CFF process, we learned that we often want to do ministries that do not fit our surrounding community, like reaching out to children or hiring a youth director when there simply are not many families with children in our area; on the other hand there are a lot of people over 65 who are living alone which is reflected in our congregation.”

“I’m naturally curious and like getting to know people. But today it’s hard to do home visits as it was in my grandfather’s day. That’s not easy today – it’s inconvenient. This CFF project gave me an entre into their lives – “I’m doing this project and want to hear you on these questions.”

“A lot of this I wouldn’t have learned without the project – the specific data, the interviews all laid out – I wouldn’t have seen things emerge from this whole pattern.  We don’t know where people come from and go to and why. People here believe folks are just going to keep coming. I feel there’s been a lot I wouldn’t have been able to identify and work with if I hadn’t done CFF.”