Standing at the Crossroads

Is This Your Church?

mAG gLASS pERSONYou know things aren’t the way they used to be
You are unsure how of how to reach out
You feel as though you are alone in this uncertainty
It is hard to say exactly how you got to wherever you are


Standing at the Crossroads: a 6-month in-person and online experience of naming and mapping the crossroads your congregation occupies, so that you can claim your current location before moving forward.   This project is done alongside other congregations who also want to find and claim which crossroads they are standing at.

What does this process build? Trust, a sense of where you’ve come from and how you got here, and relationships with other congregations learning the same things.

This process pairs one Church Innovations consultant with 4-12 congregations for 6 months.

Church leaders and a unique steering team from each congregation work together to build

  • A sense of wonder and celebration about who the congregation has been
  • Curiosity about the real situation the local church sits within
  • A literal MAP of the congregation’s journey and its resulting location in space and time
  • Energy for considering what each church might do next in response to this knowledge
  • Shared enthusiasm and spiritual practices among several congregations who can continue to learn with and from one another
  • Skills for meeting and forming Christian community online with each other

Ready for the Next Step?

Contact Pat Taylor Ellison (ptellison@churchinnovations) to discuss the details for using Standing at the Crossroads in your particular locale.