We Are Here Now

Is this your church?

mAG gLASS pERSONYou are recently finished with or on the brink of a large project
You are unsure of your purpose or direction
You are emerging from a period of conflict
It is hard to say exactly where you are


We Are Here Now: a 1-year consultant-coached search inside and outside the congregation for God’s activity and for the place in God’s mission that your congregation can claim at this moment.

This process pairs one Church Innovations consultant with a congregation for 9-12 months.
Church leaders and a unique steering team work together to build

  • Trust inside and outside the congregation
  • Leadership skills among at least 24 persons beyond existing leaders
  • 2 major reports showing snapshots of the local church’s history, leadership patterns, culture, and neighboring community statistics, accompanied by theological reflection questions that help leaders consider what God might be up to in each snapshot
  • A timeline of the congregation’s history
  • A series of cottage meetings for small group conversation and discernment
  • A congregation-wide spiritual discernment day seeking God’s calling, given everything learned during the work
  • A clear claim of “We Are Here Now:” a statement of who and where you are in your church’s history and in God’s mission
  • At least 2 spiritual practices fitted to your congregation’s structure and culture that can help you grow into God’s preferred and promised future for your church

Contact Dr Pat Taylor Ellison (ptellison@churchinnovations.org) or Rev John Mueller Nowell (jmnowell@churchinnovations.org) to learn more about using We Are Here Now in your church.