Spiritual Discernment for Thriving in Change


Praise for Spiritual Discernment for Thriving in Change

spiritual discernment

“A way of creating a space that says conversation without resolve is just as important as an ‘answer’.”

“It was excellent – wonderful process that channels emotions and encourages discussion and elevates conversation out of egos – into listening to the Spirit…”

“Openness, not shrinking from challenges, difficult questions hearing others’ thoughts and concerns.”

“Allowing diversity without decision. Giving us freedom to disagree.

“It could—and should—become the standard way of talking about any issue—it could become so ingrained that people would begin to talk about issues expecting that this process would be followed.”

“In this contentious age, it is a blessing to encounter a way of being Christians together that is open and affirming, and that is exactly what I discovered at the Church Innovations Institute workshop I attended, led by Pat Taylor Ellison . . . there was a strong feeling of hope and optimism in the room regarding the possibilities of this listening process in their home congregations. As a result of this one day process of learning how to listen to one another congregational members arrived at plans for implementing next steps in their congregations. They had experienced how instead of conflict avoidance, the methods learned at the workshop encourage people to speak the truth as they see and hold it, but without attempting to convert others to their point of view. Such speaking and listening was an exciting prospect for those who attended. They experienced how much of the Spirit’s creative gift could become real in a group that listening in caring ways. They saw hope for a greater understanding of the gospel being fleshed out in the actual life of their congregations. The seeds for healthier congregational life in our synod have now been planted, and I look forward God’s Spirit blessing up with the good fruit of renewed ministry and mission in our Synod.” ~Bishop David G. Mullen, Sierra Pacific Synod