Congregational Discovery

Praise for the deep listening interviewing known as Congregational Discovery:

Cong discovery pic

The following is a testimony by one of our Pastor-Partners from tour Bremer Project, ELCA Pastor Dee Pederson of Bethlehem Lutheran in St. Cloud, MN, a congregation that has been very successful at studying, planning, and nurturing habits amongst their members for welcoming and engaging Sudanese immigrants to Central Minnesota. In our project Bethlehem learned and completed Congregational Discovery, Church FutureFinder, and the Spiritual Discernment for Thriving in Change process (TIC). Here is what she says:

 “I and the congregational leaders truly appreciated both the manner in which the team trained us, and the skills and solid missional theology you both brought to that training.  I believe the resources and the practices the congregational leadership learned as a result of our participation in this process will continue to bear fruit into the future as the Spirit continues to work through this church community. The practice of Thriving in Change will continue to undergird our meetings and gatherings.  We especially appreciated the Discovery and CFF reports that CI presented to congregational leaders and the insightful questions you invite us to consider further.”