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Church FutureFinder is an on-line tool and database for studying your church and community to help you discern God’s preferred and promised future for you.

Fill 12 windows with information about your church’s life in its surrounding community. Some sections are customizable, so you can ask the questions you’re interested in.

The result:

  • A report (up to 50 pages) displays the data and your own stories help you narrate your own numbers.
  • An opportunity to get realistic and reflect theologically about your church and its neighbors, listening for God’s missional call for you. Click here for sample CFF report.

CFF as a database is searchable only by research partners of Church Innovations. It currently holds data from over 1000 congregations gathered over the past 12 years.  Its breadth of information is used by church scholars and teachers and is helping us understand much about congregations as they navigate this new Era of Mission.

CFF as a tool for information gathering and reflection, however, may be used by anyone interested in going online and following the instructions.  Even a casual user of this tool begins to think in communal and theological ways about who congregations are and what they do within their greater communities.

Who is CFF for?

  • Congregations considering a building project or change in programs
  • Churches calling a new spiritual leader or program staff
  • Congregations seeking their role in God’s mission in their neighborhood
  • Churches working together to accomplish a goal
  • Seminary classes wanting to give students a chance to study a congregation
  • Congregation researchers use CFF both to gather and to analyze information

How long does it take? 4-12 weeks. A small group who can interview, gather numbers, and record congregational stories can be trained and get started in a single Saturday.

What does it cost?

  • Free version: without customizing any sections or printing the finalized report
  • $100 with customization options, printed report, User Guide, and technical support.
  • Seminaries wishing to use CFF for classes should contact us for pricing options.
  • Congregations in Partnership for Missional Church or We Are Here Now consulting have CFF included in their fee.

Getting Started: Visit the CFF Resources page to learn more about CFF resources. For free CFF access, go to the main CFF site and sign up as a “new user.” To learn more, contact us at, or by phone at (763) 535-6814.