Congregational Discovery

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Congregational Discovery is a process of deep listening to 24 members of your church by  5-6 of the best listeners in your congregation with help from a reading team from Church Innovations.

It asks eight open-ended interview questions that elicit stories and memories that will provide a description of the culture of your local church.


The result:


  1. A report of up to 10 pages anonymously showing responses and remarks from 24 interviewees to the eight questions as well as recommended questions for the congregation to consider about its God-given gifts and mission
  2. 5-6 Listening Leader members who have been trained in applied ethnographic methods of faithful listening. Click here for sample Congregational Discovery Report.


Who is Congregational Discovery for?

  • Congregations facing change of any kind
  • Churches whose internal culture may not be what it once was
  • Congregations seeking their role in God’s mission in their neighborhood
  • Churches working together, wondering what they can best do in the world
  • Church bodies wishing to help local churches deal with change and challenge

How long does it take? 2-3 months. After a 3-hour training by Church Innovations, your 4-6 Listening Leaders have about a month to gather the interviews and place them into Church FutureFinder. Church Innovations’ reading team has a month to assemble a report back to the church, and the interviewers have a week to co-edit the report before sharing it with church leaders and the membership at large.

What does it cost?

  • Single congregation: $3000
  • Judicatory buying CFF and Discovery for 10 or more congregations: $2000
  • Congregations in Partnership for Missional Church or We Are Here Now consulting have Congregational Discovery included in their fee.

Getting Started: To learn more, contact us at or by phone at (763) 535-6814.