Help for My Church

Church Innovations offers several types of help to local churches and to the church bodies that support local churches, most of them customizable to fit your situation:

Very short term learning events

  • 1-day workshops or
  • 3-weeknight workshops
  • 2-day workshops, 4 months apart

These workshops teach the 6 disruptive missional practices we know help congregations to get a clearer sense of God’s preferred and promised future for them as they thrive in this new era of mission.


These two processes help local churches to map their past journeys and present locations so that they can claim with certainty where they are, how they’ve arrived there, and what they might be called to become.


This 3-year journey of spiritual discernment, taken in the company of a cluster of local churches, provides a time-tested series of learning and reflecting experiences that build skills, attitudes, and practices to help a local congregation discover its partners in God’s mission in their greater community.

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