Dwelling in the Word

Dwelling in the wordA Practice that Thrives on 4 Continents – Learn it from us in our workshop.

  • It takes 20 minutes.
  • It keeps you in the same paragraph or two of scripture for months.
  • It makes you pay attention to what a stranger is saying to you.

These are three excellent reasons to dislike Dwelling in the Word.

These are also three of the best reasons to do Dwelling in the Word in any group in which you want deep listening to occur and Christian community to form.  Groups that are going to need variety and yet cohesiveness if they are going to do good work. Groups that are going to encounter a few challenges while they are working together.  Groups that start out with some folks knowing one another and some folks as comparative strangers to one another.

Does this sound like your Christian Education board? Your Children, Youth, and Family committee? Your church council, session, vestry, or trustees?

In Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America, congregations have learned the small and simple practice of Dwelling in the Word, and where it has become part of the local church’s culture, amazing awareness of God’s presence and activity has followed. It’s about listening for God in God’s Word and in the words of a stranger. It’s about listening so well you could be the voice of that stranger if the need arose. It’s about emptying yourself for an instant of your viewpoint and living in the view of another, just for an instant. A powerful instant.

If you would like a committee, team, or group you work with to learn this simple spiritual practice, write Dr Pat Taylor Ellison (ptellison@churchinnovations.org).  We’ll tell you how you can schedule a “Dwelling in the Word” workshop and get started.