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Church Innovations’ Staff

Patrick Keifert, President & Director of Consulting
Pat Taylor Ellison, Managing Director of Research and Development
John Mueller Nowell, Consultant for Client Relations
Gary Pearce, Finance Director & Director of Development
Daniel Lautenbach, Consultant for Technology Services
Robert ‘Bob’ Armstrong, Lead Consultant for Partnership for Missional Church (PMC)

Associated Consultants:

North America

  • Scott Hagley
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Conrad Kanagy
  • Mark Love

southern Africa

  • Frederick Marais

United Kingdom

  • Nigel Rooms
  • Michael Harrison
  • Stuart Burns
  • Annie Dickinson
  • Barry Hill
  • Nick Ladd
  • Nicky McGinty
  • Judy Kirst


Associated Trainers:

  • Eric Bodenstab
  • Scott Frederickson
  • Kristina Fruge
  • Janet Hunt
  • Jim Johnson