Thriving in Change


mAG gLASS pERSONYou need to tackle a tough issue
You have disagreements over something important but don’t want conflict
You have new partners to work with but don’t know how to talk together
You want to know what God might want to say to you in this moment

Thriving in Change: a set of tools and practices that help local churches and church bodies have faith- based conversations on difficult issues, keeping God and God’s mission at the center of those questions.

Builds: a go-to practice for tough conversations, a place and time to listen to God’s Word and one another as we listen for God’s call, and an expectation that God will show up.

This process pairs one Church Innovations consultant with a single congregation or 4-12 congregations for 6 months, meeting face-to-face twice and online up to 3 other times.    A unique steering team from each congregation works together to build

  • Trust inside the congregation
  • Leadership skills among at least 4-6 persons to host faithful conversations
  • Working knowledge of a tested model for a 90-minute meeting that includes Dwelling in the Word and the time and space to talk and listen about a tough issue
  • Practice time to try out these meetings on the ground on less controversial issues
  • A plan for a congregation-wide spiritual discernment meeting seeking God’s calling for your church on the tough issue you need to talk about

Ready for the Next Step?

Contact Dr Pat Taylor Ellison ( to discuss details on setting up Thriving in Change in your church, or click here to learn more about Thriving in Change.