Church FutureFinder




Is This Your Church?


You are about to seek a new spiritual leader
You need to complete a ministry area profile/description of your church
You know there’s more than just numbers to consider
You want to think theologically about your church and its community

Church FutureFinder
: an on-line resource for congregational discovery that helps churches gather numbers and narratives inside and outside their buildings.

Builds: a 20-50 page report that helps church leaders narrate the true numbers of their church and community and answer theological questions about what God might be up to.

This process admits a congregation into Church Innovations’ online database for 9-12 months. Completing the CFF self-study builds an informative report from the data that is input, including information about

  • local church’s history
  • leadership patterns
  • traffic patterns and building use
  • church statistics like membership & giving
  • neighboring community statistics
  • theological reflection questions that help leaders consider what God might be up to in the gathered data

Ready for the Next Step?

Church FutureFinder is available in several versions.  E-mail Dr Pat Taylor Ellison ( to see which version best suits your needs.