Congregational Discovery


mAG gLASS pERSONYour church has gone through a change, sudden or over a long time
Not everyone feels the same way about what has been gained and what has been lost
Some general distrust has developed, and this produces a nameless anxiety
Some people may feel left out of recent developments and may have withdrawn


Congregational Discovery: a 3-4 month process of deep listening and story-gathering by members of the church, the resulting interviews analyzed by Church Innovations.

Builds: a 10-12 page report that not only organizes the interview learnings but also asks key questions to help a church consider its gifts and its missional calling from God.

This process pairs one Church Innovations consultant with a single congregation or 4-12 congregations for 3-4 months, meeting face-to-face or online 2 times. A unique team of Listening Leaders from each congregation works together to build

  • Trust inside the congregation by listening in one-to-one interviews
  • Leadership skills among at least 4-6 persons who perhaps have never led before
  • Deep listening with open-ended well-tested questions among 24 persons in the congregation, invited from across a sociogram of the church
  • Interpretation of these interviews by a Church Innovations reading team
  • A resulting 10-12 page report that tallies the answers without revealing the identities of the respondants, and recommended questions to consider in your church’s culture, further tested and protected by the Listening Leaders who vet the report before sharing with the congregation’s leaders
  • Plans for sharing the report widely to discern action steps that might come from it

Ready for the Next Step?

E-mail Dr Pat Taylor Ellison ( to set up at time to explore further how Congregational Discovery can assist in reshaping your church’s future.