Partnership for Missional Church

 Is this your church?

Your good people have lost their ability to develop meaningful relationships with people in the community around them.

They don’t see God as an active agent in the world outside of the church

You are hesitant to risk doing new things because you are afraid you might fail

                                                                       The primary use of scripture is to “inform” rather than to “transform”


Partnership for Missional Church (PMC): a 3-year journey with 6 to 12 other congregations (cluster) to discern what God is up to in their location.  The PMC cluster meets 3 times each year (each year is called a phase) to engage in an action/reflection learning style.

What does this process build?

1. A real desire to discover what is God up to in our church, our community, our world.

2. Church leaders and a steering team from each congregation work together to build their own unique leadership and congregation competencies in six disruptive missional practices

  • Dwelling in the Word
  • Dwelling in the World
  • Hospitality
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Announcing the Kingdom of God
  • Focus for Missional Action

3.  Trust on many levels: community, congregation, lay leaders and church staff

4. Ability to ask questions, to listen, to build community, to discern God’s preferred and promised future for them

5. Process for learning from failures while practicing new ways of reaching new people in the community

6. Five documents which support the congregation with their missional trajectory into the future

For an overview of the PMC Phases, click here

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