Dwelling in the Word


Here are the steps for Dwelling in the Word:

1. Start with a prayer, inviting the Spirit to guide your attending to the Word of God.

2. Turn to Luke 10:1-12. Later you may choose your own passage, a story related to the story of your group’s work. But start with Luke 10: 1-12, because it works for many people all over the world – it is a good starting place. Have Bibles or copies of the verse available. Set aside without apology at least 20 minutes for this activity.

3. Begin with one person reading this passage aloud to the group. Then allow some silence to unfold as people let the words have their impact.

4. Next, instruct folks in this way:

  • Find a person in the group you know least well (we call this person a “reasonably friendly-looking stranger”).
  • Listen that person into free speech as he or she tells you what they heard in the passage. Listen that person into answering one of two questions: 1.)What captured your imagination? or 2.)What question would you like to ask a Biblical scholar?
  • Listen well, because your job will be to report to the rest of the group what your partner has said, not what you yourself said. Note-taking is OK.

5. Then, turn folks loose with their partners for 6-10 minutes. Notice how they pay attention to one another. When you draw them back together, ask for them to tell what they learned from their partners.

6. Then, wrestle together as a group. Ask, “What might God might be up to in the passage for us today?” Let people know that, as your conversation on other matters continues, anyone at any time may call for the Gospel, and the group will return to the passage once again. Remain in the same passage over an extended period of time (weeks or months). You will be amazed at the continual flow of blessings from doing so.