Practice Noticing God at Work: “Announcing the Kingdom of God”

We are believers in God, in Jesus, and in the Holy Spirit.


We want to be the people who can see the gifts of God in our everyday lives and believe God is still giving us things, still loving us, still the final triumpher over evil. We want to be able to say Jesus still appears to us, still shows up to heal people and comfort people and even discomfort people into order to get our attention back on God’s work in the world that God loves.  We want to be aware, maybe even after the fact, that the Holy Spirit has been present in the room with us during a hard meeting or a desperate prayer or a moment of joy.

And, as faithful people, we want to do more than just notice these things. We want to be witnesses, bear witness to God’s presence and work in the world.  But we are out of practice. We don’t know how to do it. We are unsure. And so we maybe don’t even try.

If you want to practice noticing God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit at work in the world and be able to tell stories about it so that when you see the Kingdom of God near you, you can point it out to others, come to an “Announcing the Kingdom of God” workshop! Write to to find out how.