We’re Very Busy Doing Everything! “Focus on Missional Action”

“We’re very busy doing everything that needs to be done. What do you mean, what are we focused on?”

It takes a lot of people and a few very organized leaders to do what has to be done in a local church. And in many churches today, morale is dropping in the busyness. Why? The leaders are getting tired of putting time in for smaller and smaller turnouts, or doing more and more with fewer resources than ever. This is true not only in the local church but even farther up in the denominational offices.  When it feels as though you have less and less energy, as though you are walking slowly through thick mud or even quicksand, it may be time to stop altogether and look up toward your horizon. Where are you headed? Who pointed you there? How is God moving and how can you catch God’s Holy Gust in your sails?

If you work with a group who would like to learn more about keeping your focus on God’s call to you, write to ptellison@churchinnovations.org and ask about a “Focus on Missional Action” workshop.  It could be just what you are looking for.