A Way to Seek and Find Those We Need to Meet “Dwelling in the World”

We want to notice God at work in life, in the lives of ourselves and others.  We also want to know the people God is sending us to – to be is God’s mission with them.

But we are very shy when it comes to having a conversation with someone else about what we deeply believe.  Why do you think that is? Is it because we fear intruding on the other person? Is it because we are not curious bout what others think? Is it because we ourselves have no practice in verbalizing our deepest convictions? Why do we hesitate getting into the conversations that hold the most profound meaning?  What if we could simply listen? Listen the other person into free speech about what is important in life?

“Dwelling in the World” is a workshop designed for people who would like to try listening someone into free speech but might need a little practice and support.  To learn more, e-mail us: ptellison@churchinnovations.org