Staff Covenanting



Your staff members are good people who just aren’t working effectively together

Staff communication is being blocked in some way

New staff members have trouble coming on board

Staff members to not have a shared vision for the church’s mission

Staff Covenanting: a 3-retreat guided discernment process in which a local church staff or church body staff explore, affirm, and leverage their individual and corporate gifts to align with God’s call to mission of each person and the staff as a whole. Builds: a collection of job authorization pages (one per staff person), a shared sense of the staff’s called work, and more trust among staff members through better means of affirming and hearing one another. This process pairs 1-2 Church Innovations consultants with a single congregation’s staff for 6-9 months, meeting face-to-face up to 3 times in retreat. The entire staff, paid and volunteer, works together with the consultant(s) to build

  • Trust among one another
  • A clear sense of what each staff member does, and what each needs from the others
  • The spiritual practice of Dwelling in the Word as a shared process to help keep a God-centered focus
  • A shared sense of the staff’s work as a whole and its needs and expectations for honesty and support from one another
  • A book containing
    • A preface that states the shared vision and commitment of everyone
    • A 1-page job authorization for each staff person
    • New pages to add for whenever staff changes happen

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